Level 3 - Vocabulary Expansion

Includes 5 DVDs
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The Vocabulary Expansion Set is designed for kids with a vocabulary of 75 or more words who are not yet speaking in full sentences Help your child develop more extensive and complex speech with this 5 volume set.  Video Modeling of many appropriate behaviors makes this set especially useful for children on the autism spectrum. The DVDs included in this set are:





Opposites & More
introduces 10 "opposite pairs" using comparison & contrast present: Big & Little, Open & Close(d), Top & Bottom, Mine & Yours, Stop & Go, Up & Down, Fast & Slow, Yes & No, On & Off, and In & Out.


Crazy for Colors
Teaches the Primary and Secondary colors plus pink, brown & black. Simple patterns such as stripes, checks & polka-dots are also featured. Includes interactive games that help teach the color concepts presented in the DVD.



Words Around the House: Yard & House
curtains, carpet, stairs, furniture, painting, garage, recycle, picture, laundry, ceiling fan, light switch, light fixture, dining room, garage door, front door, garbage can, playroom, house plant, broom, porch, washer, blinds, ceiling, hallway, window, doorbell, basket, door, roof, dryer, lock, deck, walls, floor, phone, vacuum, lawn, grass, statue, flowers, plants, tree, bird feeder, driveway, mail box, sidewalk, wheelbarrow, fence, gate, swing, rake, grill, patio, statue, mower, garden, & bench


Words Around the House: Kitchen & Livingroom
countertop, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, kitchen cabinet, utensils, colander, freezer, stovetop, toaster, oven mitts, frying pan, oven, sink, pot , table, whisk, meal, spatula, mixer, drawer, platter, snack, blender, couch, radio, T.V., lamp, desk, rug, bookshelf, computer, coffee table, DVD player, remote control, fireplace, cushion, mouse, keyboard, & armchair


Words Around the House: Kitchen & Livingroom
sink , toilet, faucet, soap, tub, toothbrush, soap dish, toilet paper, washcloth, toothpaste, towel, floss, shower, shampoo, hair dryer, bed, pillow, mirror, closet, drawer, dresser, hair brush, toy box, alarm clock, & nightstand




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